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                                                  Development history

                                                  In 1990, the establishment of Florence products factory.

                                                  In 1991, the production of the first batch of vacuum cleaner paper dust bag.

                                                  In 1996, the first wet non-woven machine on the line, the product has been recognized by the 3M and the Japanese market.

                                                  In 1998, developed a dust bag automatic production line, the establishment of Tongxiang City filtering material Co Ltd.

                                                  In 1999, the successful development of the North American market, and the establishment of a stable customer base.

                                                  In 2003, superfine glass fiber filter material project put into operation.

                                                  In 2004, the establishment of Tongxiang City Jianmin Machinery Manufacturing Co. ltd..

                                                  In 2005, ultra fine melt blown spray with electrostatic non-woven production line; set up the Shanghai multi Filter Technology Co., ltd..

                                                  In 2006, the establishment of provincial high-tech R & D center.

                                                  In 2007, the establishment of Hangzhou Jie Fu Membrane Technology Co., ltd..

                                                  In 2009, CFS testing center was established; Zhejiang Province, a major scientific and technological special approval through the smooth.

                                                  In 2010, the Shanghai sales center was established, the enterprise to expand the road to a solid step.

                                                  In 2013, Tongxiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established seyfer.

                                                  In 2015, the establishment of provincial enterprise research institute.