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                                                                                  Provincial Enterprise Research Institute

                                                                                  Enterprise Research Institute was founded in 2015, is based in Zhejiang province Jianmin new filtration material research institute, with R & D center, academician expert workstation and the original manufacturing unit technical department, the final form of the R & D management department. Existing technical staff of 70 people, 2 doctors, 1 of them in reading, 12 master's staff, people; college degree or above, 48 people; high labor 3, intermediate grade 15.

                                                                                  Research Institute positioning: the establishment of an open and innovative research and development platform, relying on universities or research institutes, the integration of resources, improve the company's R & D capabilities and market competitiveness.

                                                                                  R & D strategy mission: through research and development to maintain the continuous optimization and upgrading of products, to achieve the integration of technology, products, programs and services. To "produce a generation, research and development generation, idea generation", the situation of sustainable development, the core technology in the field of filtration and separation to reach the domestic advanced.

                                                                                  Product strategy: to customer demand, product quality excellence, leading the customer value;

                                                                                  Technology strategy: to build production, learning, research, integration platform, through the profit sharing mechanism, the University, Research Institute of R & D strength and the enterprise's industrial platform, market platform combination;